Boxes Part 2: Revenge of the Sandpaper

I’ve been working on a new batch of boxes for the LVO this year. I got a dozen of these boxes from Micheal’s. They’re about the same price as the little jewelry boxes I used last year and they are far larger. They are also significantly less expensive than the initial ones I did for the Hobbytown Smackdown in December (in my last blog post).

I spent most of today sanding the boxes, going from 320 grit through 1200 grit. My arms are quite tired, though I’m very happy with the finish.

 photo 20160117_135059_zpsofpsr4zy.jpg

 photo 20160117_135102_zpszfnbpbte.jpg

After I finished sanding (and took a shower….I was covered in sawdust…), I started taping off part of the boxes for staining. I wanted a 2-tone stain (they are books after all). So the area that would be pages is getting a much lighter stain. I am rather happy with how it came out in the end.

This is the stack mid-taping. Many inches of Blue Tape gave it’s tack to deliver these boxes.
 photo 20160117_162205_zpsp1zlqskj.jpg

This is the stack of boxes after round 1 of staining.
 photo 20160117_191337_zpsqkezjqgq.jpg

This is a finished one in terms of staining.
 photo 20160117_185724_zpsrlqilrx2.jpg

 photo 20160117_185709_zpsyskdzql1.jpg

 photo 20160117_185724_zpsrlqilrx2.jpg

The 2-tone thing is a bit less similar in person, but I’m happy with it. For anyone interested, the stains I’m using are Varathane’s indoor wood stain. Antique Walnut and Golden Oak are the colors.

 photo 20160117_201026_zpsthxdqhdf.jpg

I also started casting up more of the symbols that go on the front of the boxes. I had to wait until today because I was out of resin and my Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300 arrived today. It’s just 2 of their pint kits, because that’s about all I will need. I got 6 castings out of the mold with 1 kit and a little bit of leftover from a previous batch. I should be able to get another 5 out of the 2nd kit and that leaves me with an extra (just in case something goes awry!). Not terribly interesting, but here’s a pic!

 photo 20160117_191350_zpseeaq1cod.jpg

And the resin:
 photo 20160117_201008_zpsx60bcdye.jpg

And here’s a pic of everything I’ve got done. I would really like to get these all done this next week. I have a couple of bits to finish painting on my actual army. It’s just a couple of guns, but it needs to get done nonetheless. I have about 2 weeks to finish, which should be plenty of time. So long as the siren call that is Fallout 4 doesn’t grab a hold of me, I should be okay!

 photo 20160117_201050_zpsiwppk2pk.jpg

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