Episode 15: Black Joker was flipped!

Tonight we talk about some Pathfinder stuff, namely how fighters relationship with wizards. The answer? It’s complicated.

Then we get into Malifaux as we prepare to really get into some nitty gritty tactics and Malifaux love… Chris plays his first game!

Also, check out Maps by Mars
and, The Thin Blue Line
h and here is that Legends of the Night thing Chrissy mentioned.

Episode 14: Monkey Spheres!

Wow, just wow. If we can keep doing it this well we are in business.

This week we talk about a bit of potpourri, including We Be Goblins, The Crazy Squirrels mini con, free RPG day, and some 40k chat that sees me realize why I’m so butt hurt.

Then we talk about monkey spheres and dip into a “very special episode” territory. But it works, we think. We hope. Who knows.

Also, check out matsbymars.com if you’re looking for awesome mats. We’ll be talking about them more in next weeks episode, which should be fairly Malifaux centered.

Episode 13: Joel’s Six Second Challenge


Bit of potpourri in this episode, for section one! We talk about… well a lot of different things. Artemis, Malifaux, Snow-Horse Shoes (or Snow Horse-Shoes), oh man I can’t even remember. There was rum.

Second section we introduce Joel’s Six Second Challenge where we make him do something stupid as a standard action. Then we talk about homebrewing mechanics!

Episode 12: Mustache you a question!

This week is like many weeks, in which we talk about gaming.

Section 1: We talk about Califuax, and this is the link we promised to find! These mats are great for Malifaux, so enjoy them! Also if you’re looking to c hat about Malifaux, check out the Wyrd Place group on facebook!

Section 2: Is about taking your turn timely… and then some Reign of Winter chat!

Episode 11: Spotlight like you mean it

Salutations! In this weeks episode we talk about some stuff! Namely Rambling for a half an hour about Echowar.com, Malifaux, and just about whatever is on our minds. Then we talk about the “Bennies” system and how it influences player roleplaying and spotlighting in general!

Section 1: Ramble
Section 2: Bennies & Spotlighting!


Episode 10: The gang tries Caribou Lou

This weeks episode is almost another inebriated episode! But it isn’t! Hooray! We talk about two things really…

Section 1: Our Reign of Winter campaign… which gets a bit rambley.
Section 2:  How a character should act. This is both a discussion of alignment, as well as our concept of justice and how it could be considered out of place in a medieval game!


Episode 7: Joel’s Heavy Breathing

In this episode Joel breath’s heavily like that cat meme… cus he plays Eldar. And we talk about some stuff.

Segment 1: Mack didn’t get a Tricorn hat FOR THE WHOLE TIME. Also we talk about some video games.
Segment 2: Mack played 3 games against Eldar and we’ll let him whine about that for a total of 2 minutes. TOPS. Then we’ll talk about getting back into the hobby.
Segment 3: Games that should exist but don’t yet!

Episode 6: The Panic Continues

We probably aren’t as drunk this episode. This one only has two segments, cus we really get into Artemis discussion, and we managed to keep the whining down to 10 minutes! Look… it’s something ok? Shut up… don’t judge me…

Section 1:  Panic at the Pointy Eared Disco! We complain for EXACTLY 10 minutes. Then we talk about much more fun stuff.
Section 2: Artemis!


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