Episode 11: Spotlight like you mean it

Salutations! In this weeks episode we talk about some stuff! Namely Rambling for a half an hour about Echowar.com, Malifaux, and just about whatever is on our minds. Then we talk about the “Bennies” system and how it influences player roleplaying and spotlighting in general!

Section 1: Ramble
Section 2: Bennies & Spotlighting!


Episode 10: The gang tries Caribou Lou

This weeks episode is almost another inebriated episode! But it isn’t! Hooray! We talk about two things really…

Section 1: Our Reign of Winter campaign… which gets a bit rambley.
Section 2:  How a character should act. This is both a discussion of alignment, as well as our concept of justice and how it could be considered out of place in a medieval game!


Episode 7: Joel’s Heavy Breathing

In this episode Joel breath’s heavily like that cat meme… cus he plays Eldar. And we talk about some stuff.

Segment 1: Mack didn’t get a Tricorn hat FOR THE WHOLE TIME. Also we talk about some video games.
Segment 2: Mack played 3 games against Eldar and we’ll let him whine about that for a total of 2 minutes. TOPS. Then we’ll talk about getting back into the hobby.
Segment 3: Games that should exist but don’t yet!

Episode 6: The Panic Continues

We probably aren’t as drunk this episode. This one only has two segments, cus we really get into Artemis discussion, and we managed to keep the whining down to 10 minutes! Look… it’s something ok? Shut up… don’t judge me…

Section 1:  Panic at the Pointy Eared Disco! We complain for EXACTLY 10 minutes. Then we talk about much more fun stuff.
Section 2: Artemis!


Episode 5: The Drunks Decide

OMG, like… I wish we were joking… for sure. But oh man, were we drunk.

Like so drunk. Seriously mom, don’t listen to this one.

Section 1: Mack rambles for 45 minutes. For serious. A full 45 minutes and he almost manages to be coherent… almost.
Section 2: Skitarii! Also Mack rambles more.

Oh, and the recipe:
1 Bottle of the cheapest vodka available at walmart in a plastic bottle.
1 Pitcher of Ice
1 Cap full of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch
1 Bottle of Hard Cider
Serves 4!

Mix those first three. Drink with the last one as a chaser.


Episode 4: Oh… you’re THAT guy.

In this episode Mack has to yell at everyone to stop with spoilers… like a lot. So if you don’t know that Snape reveals that he’s Luke’s father at the Red wedding… you might want to brace yourself! Only Chris manages to obey these VERY SIMPLE RULES I MEAN LIKE COME ON GUYS.

Section 1: How to not be that guy!
Section 2: Books that you want to run as RPG’s.
Section 3: Chris played Armada.

Episode 2: Magnum Jyhad… I MEAN VTES!

This week we try to dive into the Harlequins a bit, and Mack’s love of 40k gets re-ignited! We also try out our first alternate format which is designed to give a middle section a lot more oomph.  Hopefully you guys also enjoy our new bumper/segway/transition sounds!

Section 1: News & Banter
Section 2: Harlequins
Section 3: Pathfinder Card Game

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