Episode 4: Oh… you’re THAT guy.

In this episode Mack has to yell at everyone to stop with spoilers… like a lot. So if you don’t know that Snape reveals that he’s Luke’s father at the Red wedding… you might want to brace yourself! Only Chris manages to obey these VERY SIMPLE RULES I MEAN LIKE COME ON GUYS.

Section 1: How to not be that guy!
Section 2: Books that you want to run as RPG’s.
Section 3: Chris played Armada.

Episode 2: Magnum Jyhad… I MEAN VTES!

This week we try to dive into the Harlequins a bit, and Mack’s love of 40k gets re-ignited! We also try out our first alternate format which is designed to give a middle section a lot more oomph. ¬†Hopefully you guys also enjoy our new bumper/segway/transition sounds!

Section 1: News & Banter
Section 2: Harlequins
Section 3: Pathfinder Card Game

Episode 1: Mack & the PC’s

It’s here! We’re rough, completely unprofessional, and still figuring things out! In this weeks episode our hosts Mack, Chrissy, Joel, and Chris discuss a variety of topics, including the new Star Wars expanded universe fiction that is coming out with the new movies, Mack’s love of playing evil characters, and X-wing!

Things are still shaky, we’re using the single microphone and I’ve got some learning to do when it comes to audio quality, but hopefully you all enjoy this first installment!

Section 1: News of the Week
Section 2: Evil Characters in RPGs
Section 3: X-Wing

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