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The King’s Rest Tournament (Level 1)OLA01_Cover
The Town of King’s Rest holds an annual tournament for up and coming adventurers, squires, and the odd noble. The earliest tournament of the season, many new games are debuted, and this year hold something knew… competition as teams.

This adventure is designed to take new level 1 characters to level 2 as they test their mettle against other competitors in a variety of games skill, magic, and combat.


The Hungry Tomb (Level 2)
HungryTombCoverAn ancient evil has awoken once again near the village of Quornicope, as it has done for nearly a thousand years. This time, however, the priest in charge of maintaining the seal has gone missing, and the town is unaware of the danger they are in.

This adventure is designed to take level 2 characters to level 3 in a traditionally dangerous dungeon crawl environment.  It can be run on its own, or as a continuation of the story the Held Kingdoms story.


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