Episode 42: Stelio Kontos

Apparently I have to issue our first official correction. Apparently it was American Dad….. You’ll have to listen to the episode to actually understand that one.

Anyway, this week, we talk about the game-design process after we announce the game Mack’s been working on for a while. The basic process to actually work on a game is surprisingly simple and straightforward. Then, once you are tired of hearing Mack talk for most of our first segment, we have a bit of a grab-bag section that is based around taking your game to the next level. My ambitious plans for convention-style up-scaled games and stand alone consoles for Artemis, Chrissy’s simple but amazing additions to her role playing games, Joel’s bringing tactical action into his upcoming Deathwatch campaign, and a bit of audio-video awesomeness from Mack.

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